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With more than two decades of experience as a community leader, classroom teacher, and public servant, Susan Rubio understands the issues that matter most to us because she has lived them. Susan brings unparalleled passion and dedication to every leadership role she takes on because she knows the difference access to quality education can make in the life of a child. She knows that our families need good jobs with benefits to stay afloat, and she knows the urgency and importance of standing up for those who have come to our country seeking their own piece of the American Dream. Susan Rubio is the leader we need fighting for our values in Sacramento.

Classroom Teacher and Educator 

As a child, Susan Rubio struggled to fit in to the American school system. There were times that she and her siblings were quarantined from their peers because they were English as a Second Language students. The adults tasked with her education consistently told her not to strive for more, that college wasn’t in her future, but she was determined to defy the odds.

Susan Rubio’s parents instilled in her the importance of a good education. Susan is a product of public schools, worked her way through college and earned a Master’s Degree in Education and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. 

Susan became a teacher because she never wanted what happened to her to happen to another student again.

As a lifelong educator, Susan started her teaching career in Baldwin Park Unified School District, and has been a teacher at Monrovia Unified School District for 15 years, including 3 years as Program Adviser and Assistant to the Principal.  She is currently a full time 3rd grade classroom teacher.

Serving in Public Office

Susan Rubio ran for elected office for the same reason she became a teacher: to make our community better for every family, regardless of any differences.

Susan Rubio was first elected as City Clerk in Baldwin Park in 2005, where she focused on providing equal service, transparency, best practices, and protecting democracy for city residents.  Since 2009, Susan has served as Baldwin Park City Councilmember where she has helped balance the city budget during the recession, while protecting vital services like public safety. Susan has been a champion for greater economic opportunities in Baldwin Park, environmental justice, and keeping our streets, neighborhoods and schools safe.

Giving Back to the Community 

In addition to serving her community as City Clerk and City Councilmember, Susan Rubio is a community leader with a long record of volunteerism and partnership with local non-profits and community-based organizations.  She has supported efforts to keep at-risk youth on the right track, provided mentorships and college scholarships for local students, and helped disenfranchised families get the tools they need.